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Tailored to You

Individual therapy is tailored to suit you. During the assessment we will help you identify your goals and design a program with you that works for you. We can help you to resolve current issues, target specific behaviours and improve your mental performance, while providing you with valuable tools to cope with future obstacles. VR Psychotherapy can assist with a wide range of symptoms;

- Phobias: fears of flying, driving, needles, medical proceedures, heights, animals, public speaking, job interviews, agoraphobia, claustrophobia and others.

- Meditation & Relaxation Training

- Generalised & Social Anxiety

- Depression & Mood Disorders

- Insomnia         - PTSD

- ADHD             - OCD

- Substance Abuse     - Eating Disorders

Initial Assessment 60-90min $200

VR Psychotherapy Session 50min $150

Private Insurance Rebates Available

Please contact to book an appointment.

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